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Dear Organic Writer: 

Are you the sort of writer that stalls when you outline? Are you confused as to how to plot WITHOUT outlining - or if this is even possible to do? Do you write best without notes, cards and diagrams yet are worried you may lose your way before you get all your story out?

I know how you feel.

I'm an organic writer too and I can help.

Although I've written for many years it's only relatively recently that I realized I was my own worst enemy, forcing myself to work in a way that wasn't natural to me. I actually LOVE to plot, world build, write notes and delve into research. I can do this quite happily for months and months, building a wonderfully complex world and story that gets me up every day eager to build some more YET doing the actual writing (that a reader would read in my book) becomes a torturous thing on these projects. So the question became how could I do both the plotting AND the writing in order to write the best books I can?

Then I had a second dilemma. My organic writing wasn't limited to fiction. I began to realize I even write non-fiction this way! (You may be wondering how that works with the required research etc - this is part of the reason I'm putting this page together, to let you know how I figured this out and how I managed to work through it and complete a non-fiction book. In addition to this page I'll be adding articles to my blog to step you through my process.)

I looked for help from books and from the internet on how successful (i.e. 'published') organic writers work but didn't easily find much in the way of resources.

I'm slowly figuring out a way through these dilemmas - finding a way to plot without outlining, to build worlds without writing reams of notes, to write accurate non-fiction without feeling like I'm taking dictation and, most importantly, to write in a way in which I love the process and end up with stories I'm proud of.

I'm still figuring out my methods - some are intuitive and some require a little mental retraining - but I'm finding a way through. This is one of the reasons I have this website:

Finding out what works for

me and sharing it with you!

Of course, every writer is different and I don't guarantee my methods will work for every organic writer but perhaps I can help other struggling non-outliners by sharing the things that work for me personally and why.

For instance, I can tell you that organic writers have to work just as hard as outliners - it's just a different process and a different way of thinking to achieve the same result: a fabulous book we can be proud of and that will (hopefully) get published!

Let's stop beating our heads against the proverbial brick wall and get back to loving the process of writing!

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Comments, questions, suggestions and useful resources are welcome so please don't hesitate to CONTACT ME. Let's all help each other reach our writing goals, get those novels out of our heads, onto the page and into a book!

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In the meantime keep chasing that writing dream and stay on the write road.

Best wishes on your writing journey,

The Ink Gypsy