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The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Ballet Dancers by Gypsy Thornton





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The best book on developing the best 'you' you can be I've ever read - both in creativity and in your daily life. If I'm feeling bored or uninspired a flip through this book gets me back on track.

THE FOX WOMAN By Kij Johnson

Told through the pillow books of the three main characters this myth/tale, told with poetic yet accessible prose brings each character to life so well you wish each could have their hearts desire.

THE MISTRESS OF SPICES By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Myth based fiction told with vivid, poetic descriptions that fill the senses... I enjoy this every time I read it. You'll see quotes from this every now and then, such as the one HERE.


My favorite fantasy series - I find the journey of this very flawed and resistant 'hero' carries a strong message of hope against the darkness of the book. Donaldson is an undisputed master of writing and fantasy - you can't hep but have a reaction to his work. You'll either love it or hate it. Not for the faint of heart.

THE ORPHAN'S TALES (VOLS I & II) By Catherynne M. Valente

Tales within myths nested in fairy tales, this is the newest addition to my 'all-time favorites' list and you can find my review and discussion of it HERE.

TRULY GRIM TALES By Priscilla Galloway

A small but excellent book of retold fairy tales using unique perspectives and unusual narrators. This is one of my favorite retold fairy tale collections.

GREEN ANGEL By Alice Hoffman

A magical YA novel that adults will enjoy - A story about 'living' life and survival. I've read this numerous times and will continue to. Beautifully written.


An original children's fairy tale that's begging to be animated. Perfectly told, classic-feeling story with delicious shivers, a happy-ever-after ending and a masterful narrative. Leonid Gore's illustrations are perfect (cover shown here is not Gore's work - click on the 'look inside' link at Amazon to see his illustrations).


Wonderful, entertaining and inspiring essays on why we - and especially our children - need fantasy, fairy tales and folklore. This is a must read.


Gypsy Thornton, a.k.a. ‘The Ink Gypsy’, spent more years than she’d like to count working in different forms of theater and dance - performing, writing, directing, coaching and working in multimedia - along with a huge variety of odd-jobs to make sure the bills got paid. Between rehearsing dancers, rewriting actors’ scenes and editing film footage, her experience ranges from rescuing feral kittens to eradicating stranger’s dust-bunnies and from writing instruction manuals for mysterious filing systems to pounding dough into pizza shapes. She's written plays (that got performed), articles (that got published), short stories and poems (that got included in little magazines), manuals (that are still being used), helped write pitches and dabbled with screenplays (both of which never made it further than Hollywood Executives - yet!) and collaborated on many other projects. She took her pen from one side of Australia to the other and to many countries in South America and back before deciding to brave the wilds of California and the animation industry in LA. After seven years of making drawings walk and talk she gave in and married an animator then started the challenging new career of Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations (also known as full-time-24-hour-Mama). With baby in tow she is now concentrating on writing various works of fiction (i.e. novels) and making puppets out of household items whenever she can. She likes to mix up her genres on the go to see what sort of stories she can cook up, though her concoctions tend to start from a myth or folktale base, get a sprinkling of fantasy and a dash or two of suspense.

She resides in Southern California (at least for the moment!) with her husband, baby boy, furry protectors and a mountain of books that keeps growing...

You can find out more about her writing influences, the books she's worn the covers off through re-reading HERE (as well as to the left under the links) and keep up-to-date on her activities (writing and non) in her main blog HERE. A short list of 'likes' can be found on the home page HERE and there's more information in the 'What's This Site All About?' section below, noting of course that her little family is what she loves best of all (furry members included).

Her aim is to keep her sense of humor intact through the publishing process and beyond, no matter where her adventures lead her.


Here are a multitude of authors I admire and am inspired by as well as those I'm drawn to for a 'great read - guaranteed':


  Stephen Donaldson Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Kij Johnson Patricia McKillip   Dean Koontz   Lisa Tuttle   Jane Yolen              Bruce Colville        AUTHORS     Donna Jo Napoli        John Wyndham  Joss Wheadon  Catherynne M.Valente  Charles Dickens     Christopher Golden  Jim Butcher  Holly Lisle Amy Tan   Ray Bradbury    John Connolley     Angela Carter         Priscilla Galloway      Gerald Durrell


Below you'll find some idea of the influences that have helped shape my writing, including a scattering of authors and creators who always made me want to go pick up a pen and scribble down my own stories:


        Myths, Tales & Legends     Pre-Raphaelites                      Dad telling me stories when I was little  Julie Taymor    Buffy The Vampire Slayer   Fairy Tales    George MacDonald                NaNoWriMo      Arthur Rackham    Weird Nature                                WRITING INFLUENCES     C.S. Lewis       My son Jack     Retold Fairy Tales           Misty Annuals    The Arts    Terry Brooks      Musical Theater                                Jim Henson        Andrew Lang's Fairy Books  Walt Disney   Picture Books    Folktales   Alfred Hitchcock

And because I'm a very visual person here are some visual sources of inspiration for me - from film to theater, from illustrators to dancers and other random things:

Trina Schart Hyman     Arthur Rackham    NickBrandt      'Labyrinth'     Alan Lee   John William Waterhouse   Edward Burne Jones     Albrecht Durer   'Moulin Rouge'    'William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet'        Herbs& Spices                ' Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography'        Momix     VISUAL INSPIRATION  Mercer Mayer      Kinuko Y. Craft    E.H. Shephard   Laurel Long     BeatrixPotter Marilee Heyer    Furiae    Socar Myles          H.J. Ford        Disney Animation Development Art     P.J. Lynch          Jung (for 'Kwaidan')     Alvin Ailey Company  Lottie Reiniger      Art  Supply Stores     Pilobulis    Gregory Colbert (ashesandsnow.org)    Jim Henson's The Storyteller  The Lion King (Broadway)

I know I'm forgetting some...


Writing. Specifically my writing - my process, progress, discoveries, challenges, inspirations, joys and everything else related (see my Home Page) - but also looking at other authors processes, tips, tricks and recommendations.



On this website I plan to include all the weird and wonderful little ideas, discoveries and news that I have to share in this crazy, unpredictable life of mine as I knuckle down and finally pursue that writing dream of mine.

Here will be news on my writing - all my writing! Not just the themed writing of my Tales of The Ink Gypsyblog (though you may like to check it out - especially if you, like me, are drawn to folk and fairy tales, myths and legends) but all the other projects I'm juggling as well as things I'm experimenting with. You can check my updates on the Inklings blog.

You'll also get more personal updates on me and mine and of course I'm including a link to the blog I have been keeping for my almost-not-a -baby-anymore son. It's called Spit the Dummy... Mudsock Styleand has been a lot of fun to play around with, thanks to experiments in Photoshop and a fun program called ComicLife. This blog is very personal, often silly (we celebrate silly in our house) and chronicles the big happenings we deal with as a family. Initially started so my husband could have regular new pictures of our new son and my overseas family could keep in touch, it's become a fun little memoir of his first year-plus and will hopefully be something he'll enjoy looking back on - perhaps not until flying cars become available but hey! Check it out. I do my best to not have it be a 'look-how-cute-our-baby-is-today' blog (though any new parent knows how irresistible that impulse is).

Back at TheInkGypsy.com, I'll also share my weird and wonderful discoveries of talented people, amazing writing and artwork and other random-but-worth-your-time-to-peek-at stuff.

You'll hear about my ever growing library and my I-wish-I-had-that-book list (because one can never have too many!) and fiction and non - that I've enjoyed, hated, been bored by, inspired by or floored by.

Then, of course, you'll hear about my other creative ventures - from dancing to collage, sketching to decorating - my philosophy is to live a whole and balanced life and to approach everything with creativity and curiosity. Except perhaps sleep. The baby isn't helping on that one either but hey - a perpetual state of tiredness means my dreams are never far away!

So come with me as I chase those tales, hunt down those crazy ideas and try to figure out the best way for an organic writer to write well and get published. Whatever happens, you know there'll be a story in the end!

Now please excuse me while I put on my idea-hunting cap and get back on track...


OK - hit me.

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

I immediately want to say 'invisibility' or 'talk fluently in any language (including animal speak)' but then when I start thinking about it I come up with things like 'ability to make people break into song and dance at will', 'be able to make autonomously animated creatures (that do my bidding of course) out of any objects', 'take on the likeness of anyone I choose for up to three hours', and then there's always the 'teleport anywhere I choose' thing which would be cool - as long as I could take someone (or two) with me...

What do you label yourself as?

Hand wash only - Do not iron.

Favorite fake memory from when you were little?

When I made friends with the monster under my bed and we shared a peanut butter sandwich (super-crunchy of course). The monster also ate my homework that night - before I did it, thank goodness!

If you could be any character for a day which one would it be and why?

Um, that depends on my mood, the day of the week and just how adventurous I'm feeling. Mondays I'd be prone to being 'Bat Girl' - I could get so much done, keep everyone guessing and look fabulous in any kind of suit! The rest of the week I wouldn't mind being Thursday Next (from the Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde) for amazing literary knowledge and juggling mysterious adventures that I'd always triumph at (in the end anyway) or a female version of Atticus (from To Kill A Mockingbird) for a level head, excellent parenting, bravery and calmness.

Favorite season?

Halloween. According to the stores it starts in about August and lasts till midnight on October 31st.

Collect any weird things?

Purple kitchen appliances & items like toasters, kettles and microwaves (I kid you not).

Just how many books DO you have going at once?

Currently I have 5 - no, 6! novels. Not just idea-scribbles but actual writing. One is the first in a big series, another is at least one of a trilogy and others have big potential to expand beyond the current story... All at different stages and yes, I want to finish them all... Non-fiction I have at least two projects in the works but they're in the fledgling stages. As far as novels I WANT to write? Hmm... at last count I had 24 titles with notes attached and since writing 'BALLET DANCERS' I have another idea which is a reworking of an old film-project of mine... I could be doing this for a while!

Why IS a raven like a writing desk?

I haven't the slightest idea... of course it should be noted that neither are good substitutes for a pogo stick...

I think that about covers it but if you have any more questions you can ask me HERE and I'll do my best to answer them promptly.


(you can check how I'm doing with that in my BLOG...)